Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go Goa Gone (2013) - Intoxicating, crazy, wild!

After hearing mixed reviews of the film, I wasn't sure what to expect. But somewhere in my heart, I knew I won't be disappointed. I had been waiting for it ever since I saw the first trailer. This one was not to be missed, I had told myself. Whether it was Saif's dilli se hu bhen* or Kunal Khemu's pehle HIV, ab globalization... the film looked hatke.

Thankfully, it didn't fail me. It was two hours of entertainment - hilarious, mindless, expletive-spewing zomedy. The film works, for most part, mainly because of its snappy, jaw-droppingly eccentric dialogues, (courtesy Sita Menon, Raja Sen and Kunal Khemu himself) and the chemistry our boys Kunal (Hardik) Saif Ali Khan (Boris, oops Bu-rees) Vir Das (Luv), Anand Tiwari (Bunny) share on screen. 

Kunal was, indisputably, the star of the show. The child artist in award-winning films like Zakham, Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke, and Raja Hindustani, hasn't had much luck in films lately. Go Goa... will hopefully give his career the much-needed push. Comedy is his territory, his zone! He almost owned the film. Vir Das, too, is effortless as always. Anand Tiwari's timings are brilliant (like in the mockumentary I saw him in recently - The President is Coming). And I always love Saif for the style and attitude with which he carries any role.

Life's drab for buddies Luv, Hardik, Bunny with nothing really to look forward to. Luv is loveless, Hardik is jobless (and always looking for some action ;-), and Bunny's too lost in work to notice life around him. The threesome set off to Goa one day and are all too excited about a party happening on a nearby island. Life gives them more action than they'd asked for when the rave party turns into a zombie party. 

Try not look for logic. Sit back comfortably with your bucket of popcorn, and you're sure to enjoy this madcap ride. 

PS: The film may not appeal to the non-Hindi speaking audience as much for all the dialogues and cuss words that only the Hindi-speaking can connect with ;-) 

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