Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kuch Luv Jaisa (2011) - movie review

The film grips you so much as to lift your expectations even while you're just settling in your seats. Madhu (Shefali Shah), a dutiful wife and a mother of two, has apparently been forgotten by all, her life centres around (on her birthday). She's dismayed and hurt but after the initial cribbing she decides to celebrate it her way.
All's well until she meets Raghav (Rahul Bose) where the film starts dawdling beyond one can imagine. (Just so you can read between the lines (and the pictures ;), the disclaimer in the pic above is wholly and solely misleading. It's not even half as much fun ;) Given a good beginning you want to believe there's more to the film than what your eyes are registering. And there infact is. There is a subject out there. But KLJ is a classic example of "could've-been-a-great-film turned into a nightmare."   
The script is so loose you almost want to walk out. Bose is a disappointment. Neetu Chandra, his love, is another wasted character. Shefali Shah is a brilliant actor but I wonder if she herself believed in the character she was potraying. It's random, rare, and outlandish-ly complex.
Spare yourself the ennui. Skip it!